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From a Bird's Eye View...

At Chirp we believe understanding how people think and behave is core to building any strategy, brand, product or service. 

Our most recent study is focused on "The Side Hustle."  Chirp Research set out to explore the changing landscape of employment. The Gig Economy is on the rise and we wanted to understand the motivations, perceived benefits and drawbacks associated with non-traditional employment. 

In Phase 2 of our research, we explored "Choosing A Hustle." Rideshare driver or blogger? Direct sales or freelance? The Gig Economy is full of opportunities to choose from to fit the needs and desires or the hustlers. In this part of our ongoing Side Hustle Series, we explore how aspiring Side Hustlers decide on the gig that works for them.

"Why I chose Uber"

The journey of the Side Hustle

Why the Hustle - The Side Hustle by Chirp Research
Picking a Hustle - The Side Hustle by Chirp Research