Chirp For A Cause

We believe in the importance of personally impacting the communities around us. As part of our commitment to doing the right thing, we regularly give back to local, national, and global causes. Our clients get to participate in this by voting for the causes that we give back to regularly.  Besides doing excellent work and ensuring our clients’ success, this is what motivates us. 

We are excited to give a big cheep, chirp, tweet and overall shout-out to the following three nominees for all the wonderful services they provide!  We hope you’ll take the time to fly in and learn a bit more about these great non-profit organizations and how they are changing lives for the better. 


The Nominees:

Stomping Ground Comedy's Improv for Life

Our minds are an incredibly complex mechanism and, sadly, many struggle with mental and emotional health issues, as well as other disorders such as brain injuries, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  Working to cope with these types of issues is often exhausting and overwhelming for both the individuals and their caregivers.  When we heard about Stomping Ground Comedy's program that takes a unique and innovative approach to helping these individuals, we had to share it!  Research (which we LOVE) continues to show the therapeutic benefits of learning improvisational comedy, so mental health professionals and improv theaters all over the world have created therapeutic programs that improve mindfulness, communication skills, social skills, emotional regulation, self-awareness, and interpersonal connections. Stomping Ground Comedy’s Improv for Life (IFL) program offers therapeutic improv classes for populations with unique needs such as those with depression, anxiety, autism, dementia, Alzheimer's, or brain injuries, as well as their caregivers. We love seeing their passion for bringing a new approach to providing resources and help to these populations!



Friendship Trays


Most of us never worry about our next meal, but there are many individuals who either can't afford their next meal or simply physically can’t get to a store for food.  Friendship Trays has been serving this need in their community of Charlotte, North Carolina since 1976.   What started as a delivery of 6 meals to one elderly resident has evolved into a program with over 120 faithful volunteers who deliver 750 meals, five days a week to homes all over the city.  Friendship Trays has long sought to do more than simply sustain its clients, but instead provides healthy food options that cater to the very specific dietary needs of their clients. Through a collaboration with Slow Food Charlotte, its Friendship Gardens initiative has established a network of more than 100 gardens run by churches, schools and individuals to bring fresh produce to those most likely to live in a food desert.  Just as significant as the food itself, they deliver human connection to those who are isolated and deliver peace of mind to the recipients’ families. It’s so much more than a meal and we are excited to share the news of their great work!



City House


As a Dallas-based organization, it really hits home for us at Chirp that Texas had a 29% increase in child fatalities due to abuse in 2016.  Research estimates that one out of every three children who run away in an attempt to escape such circumstances is lured into sex trafficking within 48 hours of leaving home. Even more frightening is the fact that the average age of entry into sex trafficking is between 12 and 13 years old!  These are the statistics that draw us to organizations like City House who make it their mission to improve these statistics and save lives by providing emergency shelter and transitional residential services to children and young adults who are in need due to abuse, neglect or homelessness.  Through their efforts to provide food, clothing, shelter, counseling, medical and dental assistance, and overall life enrichment skills, City House’s vision is that every child, youth and young adult develops the confidence needed to forward the betterment of their life, especially while coping with difficult relationships and circumstances.  That's definitely something to Chirp about!